Invisible Things: Alex Mizzen Won't Be Boxed In

Published in Arts  
'Invisible Things' 'Invisible Things' Image © Billie Wilson-Coffey

Internationally-renowned local circus artist Alex Mizzen will premiere a startling new work at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

This debut work is presented as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival and uses dance-theatre and circus to explore an intimate personal narrative.

A giant transparent box is centred in a sparse warehouse with a lone performer suspended within, and the audience is invited to stand mere centimetres away from the performance, and experience the act from a deeply intimate standpoint.

Inspired by 17 years of personal journals, this striking creative work delves deeply into Alex’s personal journey of displacement, perfectionism, control and misguided self-image, and the journey from darkness to a place of redemptive freedom.

“When re-reading my journals of many years, I experienced a myriad of challenging emotions,” Alex says. “Though I could name these feelings I struggled to label their cause, and so I named the performance ‘Invisible Things’, referring to the glimpses of self that we find when we undergo deep personal reflection.”

'Invisible Things' plays Brisbane Powerhouse Stores Building from 12-27 May.


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