Gloria Gloryhole: Tastefully Debauched And Ready For Heaps Of Fun

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  • Monday, 18 February 2019 11:38
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Gloria Gloryhole brings 'Gloria's G-Spot Game Show' to Adelaide Fringe. Gloria Gloryhole brings 'Gloria's G-Spot Game Show' to Adelaide Fringe.

Gloria Gloryhole is the star of 'Gloria's G-Spot Game Show' at Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Starting off MC-ing 'Serpents, Sirens & Stick’Em With The Pointy End' in 2015, and looking to bring back the '80s cabaret star Gloria Gloryhole impressed with 'Gloria's Glorious Gloryhole'. Now she's heading to Adelaide with 'Gloria's G-Spot Game Show'.

“It's a game show, a comedy game show with fake celebrity guests. We call them 'Faux-lebrities', they are from the '80s, '90s and '00s. I have the likes of Vanilla Slice and Britney Smears coming on to lend a hand with the fun and games,” Gloria giggles.

“The games have real prizes, sponsored by Kings Krib Productions and Club X, so you can continue the fun when you get home. The games include gorgeous, fun audience interaction. All non-threatening, totally warm and inviting, just like my G-spot.”

“Imagine you're at the most fun house party ever. With a tinge of a children's show at the same time. We get to play pass the parcel with the audience, there are all sorts of games like 'Find The G-Spot', 'Dirty Talk With Gloria', 'The Safe Word' and 'Reach The Perfect Climax'... That's the end.

“It's heaps of fun, lots of 'pun-uendo'. After all, I am a 'poly-glamorous', retro-sexual, G-list celebrity. So this is my forte.”

Gloria describes herself as a 'G-List' celebrity. But she isn't the only star in the show. Zane Alexander will be performing as the 'Faux-lebrities'.

“I'm definitely a G-List celebrity,” Gloria laughs, “If not, a double G.”

“We create the shows together,” Zane adds, “When she needs a hand, she turns to me.”

“One always needs a helping hand with one's G-spot!” Gloria continues.

The '80s has a big influence on the show, but it was also a big influence on Gloria herself.

“I grew up in the '80s, I lived, loved and laughed in the '80s. I was at 'Live Aid', I hung out with the likes of Freddie Mercury and George Michael. I had the most wondrous decade of my life in the 80s, it was totally fabulous. You see, in the days of us glorious supermodels, Linda, Naomi, Christie, that girl with the mole on her face, all the rest of them... George Michael always used to give us such wonderful advice; 'whether your love is too fast, too freaky, funky or even just plain outside, you must always have faith that your retro-sexual hero or heroine will appear'.”

Gloria is more than just a conduit for the '80s. She has plans to try her hand at other art forms.

“My plan is break into the world of film and television. I'm planning all sorts of wonderful secrets, but I can let you know some of them. Our dream is a documentary-style programme. I think I could explore a world far more curious and glamorous than Louis Theroux. I'd love to do in-depth exposés of the glorious, curious and fantastical personas around the world. I'm also planning on my next Fringe show being full of original, pastiche songs, covering all sorts of genres, especially sex-positive songs and 'poly-glamorous' songs.”

'Gloria's G-Spot Game Show' plays The Sky Room at The Griffins Hotel 6-9 March and Exhibition Hall at The National Wine Centre from 10-19 March.


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