Fuego Carnal: The Wow Factor At Fringe

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'Fuego Carnal' 'Fuego Carnal'

Now in its third year at Adelaide Fringe, smash hit show 'Fuego Carnal' has got receiving 5-star reviews down to a fine art.

It’s a multi award-winning, heart-racing display of high risk arts. It’s dazzling, exhilarating entertainment with wild stunts, fire, humour and passion.

'Fuego Carnal' is performed by an eclectic mix of globally-renowned artists and is presented by husband and wife team Dream State Entertainment. The W.A. farm boy and his fiery northern English partner teamed up at the beginning of this century.

Image © Claudio Raschella

Eighteen huge years later, with about 4,000 performances in almost 40 countries, their art has taken them to some of the biggest festivals on the planet including Glastonbury, Edinburgh & Toronto, gathering international awards & recognition as they go.

They are joined by a plethora of extraordinary performers including the only woman in the world to set herself on fire and shoot arrows with her feet; an ice queen trapeze specialist; a sword-swallowing maestro and a flaming bagpiper.

Fuego Carnal plays Empyrean at Gluttony from 16 February-18 March.


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