Flight: It's Time For Take-Off...

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Final boarding call for 'Flight' at Adelaide Fringe. Final boarding call for 'Flight' at Adelaide Fringe. Image © Mihaela Bodlovic

In the unlikely event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, alternative scenarios will be provided.

Fresh from the 2018 Adelaide Fringe (after presenting 'Séance'), Realscape Productions return with 'Flight', as part of the DARKFIELD series.

Utilising binaural sound technology and sensory deprivation inside a (very) dark shipping container, 'Flight' is purposely unsettling and disorienting experience, taking its passengers on a trip to a new reality.

'Flight' truly aims to place each audience member in the centre of an evolving narrative exploring fear and anxiety. It leans into a more modern fear... The audience's paranoia that their next flight could just be their last.

With themes in the show more focused on science than the supernatural, 'Flight''s journey into the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics makes for a physically-disruptive miniature that will leave you with an altered perspective on life.

“Audiences can expect a very different narrative in each installation ('Séance' and 'Flight') – the first very intense and terrifying for some, the second more thought-provoking and unsettling,” Nathan Alexander of Realscape Productions - the Producers of DARKFIELD Australia says.

There are many worlds in which this plane could land safely. Bring your boarding pass.

'Flight' plays The Garden Of Unearthly Delights 15 February-17 March.


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