Elizabeth I: The Queen Comes To Wonderland Festival

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Elizabeth I: The Queen Comes To Wonderland Festival Image © Dylan Evans
Brace yourself for the strange and hilarious historical fan-fiction based on The Virgin Queen.

Awarding-winning indie company Monsters Appear, in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse, present the world premiere of the outrageous historical fan-fiction, 'Elizabeth I'.

This period-bending one-woman comedy, starring Queensland’s golden girl Emily Burton ('Single Asian Female'; 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream'), reveals the shockingly strange secrets of one of history’s most powerful women. Think David Lynch meets Kristen Wiig at a historical cosplay convention and you’re almost there.

Director Benjamin Schostakowski ('A Tribute of Sorts'; 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream') says he is thrilled to reunite with long-time collaborator Burton for this outrageous new comedy.

“'Elizabeth I' is a very exciting show for us,” Benjamin says.

“The Virgin Queen remains one of the most theatrical visions in our collective histories. By no means was she the perfect human, but none of us are really. We’ve become obsessed to read more and more around the art that Elizabeth made.”

Ascending to the throne at the age of 25, Elizabeth I of England reigned for 45 years. What you might not know, Benjamin suggests, is that she secretly considered herself an artist.

“She wrote poems – some say they are wonderful, others think they are dreadful. This is where we began with the show,” Benjamin says.

“Emily and I share a very similar, perhaps warped, sense of humour and so we very quickly developed our own story that departs radically from the archives of dusty history and has become something much more surreal and unexpected. We can’t wait to share it with audiences.”

Emily, who’s best known to Queensland audiences for her star-making performance in Monsters Appears’ 'A Tribute of Sorts', for which she won a Best Actress Matilda Award, says she is excited to give audiences a fresh take on a known character.

“When you're dealing with a character like Elizabeth I, who is so familiar to many people, the challenge becomes about finding a way of portraying her that hasn't been seen before,” Emily says.

“Luckily Ben and I have stumbled on a very strange version of the story, one that also humanises her in a funny way. We go to many different places and periods in the show, it’s ridiculously fun.”

'Elizabeth I' premieres at Brisbane Powerhouse’s Wonderland Festival 1-3 December.


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