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Dita Von Teese Dita Von Teese

Blue velvet curtains open to reveal YouTube comedian and singer Jonny McGovern, welcoming the enthusiastic audience by asking a simple question: “do you like my tux?” The crowd goes wild as he tells everyone to get ready for the one, the only Dita Von Teese.

Dita begins with a new version of her signature 'Martini Glass' (comprised of 150,000 Swarovski crystals to be precise), gracefully commanding our attention with her perfectly coiffed jet-black hair, red lips, and flawless skin. But Dita is not on the stage for long. What follows is an assortment of acts; special guests handpicked by Dita herself, which, for me, feels incoherent.

Her glamour girls – Dirty Martini, Ginger Valentine, Jett Adore, Gia Genevieve, Zelia Rose – make up a glamorous and talented ensemble; a visual delight.

Dita returns to the stage to show off her ballet act, her stunning ability to dance en pointe, an amazing technical feat. Her peacock act is fun, intelligent and visually spectacular, easily her best performance of the night.

Jonny McGovern’s comments between acts seem focused on social commentary rather than the show and burlesque itself. A lot of his remarks have nothing to do with Dita’s performance. While his interval chats are necessary, as the stage crew need time to change sets, his quips seem more focused on political rhetoric rather than the performers, which leaves the impression of a talent show host rather than the comedic flair he is known to possess.

Dita graces the audience with ‘Lazy,’ a terrifically comical act with her Vontourage. The tête-à-tête is a knockout. Her final performance, ‘Rhinestone Cowgirl,’ is the longest and most erotic of the night. She grins as confetti bursts from above and rains down on her and the audience, a spectacular finish.

While Dita chose her guests well, and they were marvellously talented, the show lacked the wow factor the figurehead of burlesque is known for. Despite this, Dita Von Teese is still the reigning queen of all that is vintage fetish chic.

★★★☆☆ 1/2.


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