Casus Circus Presents A Triple Threat In Adelaide

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  • Wednesday, 06 February 2019 12:03
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'Chasing Smoke' - one of three shows presented by Casus Circus at Adelaide Fringe. 'Chasing Smoke' - one of three shows presented by Casus Circus at Adelaide Fringe.

Casus Circus is a true success story of the Australian performing arts scene having grown from humble beginnings when four close friends came together to tell heart-stories through circus, to an industry leader with multiple casts touring the world

In 2012, the company arrived at the Adelaide Fringe as a completely unknown entity with 'Knee Deep', which then toured internationally for the next few years, returning in 2016 to take out the Fringe Award for Best Circus. In 2017 and 2018 it returned with the poetic and mesmerising circus 'Driftwood'.

Casus are spectacular innovators. Inclusion and diversity is at the forefront of all their work, giving light and energy to stories that are often absent from our stages, or heavily stereotyped. The company is one of the most diverse in Australia, with more than 70 per cent of the company non-Caucasian, and strong representation from the LGBTIQ community.

Casus also subverts gender normative stereotypes, with young women demonstrating  strength and basing complex balances, and men exploring delicate styles and moving with intimacy and finesse.

For the 2019 Fringe, the company is bringing no fewer than three shows to perform, each showcasing a picture-perfect aspect of the signature Casus style.

'You & I' is created and performed by two of Casus’ co-founders, Jesse Scott and Lachlan Macaulay. A touching look at the nuances of a relationship between two men, this show diverges from the stereotypical glittery pride or cathartic self-confessional. This is an intimate and deeply personal look at a love that lasts.

Casus Circus 02 19 Matt WooImage © Matt Wood

Natano Fa'anana, Casus Circus Creative Producer says about the show, “A lot of queer stories talk about isolation, or discrimination, and that’s fine - all stories are real and valid. But we wanted to take a perspective that was real to Jesse and Lachy, and that is that their love was always acknowledged within our community, without qualm. This is a story of a queer life that was always accepted by their friends.”

Winner of the 2017 Greenroom Award for Best Contemporary Circus, 'Chasing Smoke' is performed by Australia’s only all First Nations touring circus ensemble. Born out of Circus Oz’ BlakFLIP programme, this was a need that was long overdue. Now, for the first time at Adelaide Fringe, this is vibrant, raw and full of joyous energy, a deep-dive into Australia’s history, as told by six dynamic young performers.

Casus’ new show 'DNA', being unveiled in Adelaide asks the questions – what is it that makes us unique? What can we change? And what is innately us? A collision of performers take to the stage to strip it back to the self. There is not one like any other.

Natano adds, “What Casus does well is share ourselves. We bring ourselves to the stage and share our art. Our family has grown, and with that family growth there are new stories, and we wanted to tap into those. We want to tell stories about what makes us who we are today.”

It looks like 2019 is the year for the Casus star to burn bright. Don’t miss these three performances.

'You & I' plays Ukiyo at Gluttony from 5-17 March. 'Chasing Smoke' plays 15 February-3 March. 'DNA' plays The Vagabond at Garden of Unearthly Delights 15-25 February.


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