Brisbane Arts Theatre: What's In Store For 2018?

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'That '80s Time Travel Movie' 'That '80s Time Travel Movie'
Live theatre is a powerful looking glass through which we see ourselves, our faults and our opportunities. It may make us uncomfortable, outraged, awed, or joyful.

Our reactions are more intense in a small theatre than they would be in front of a screen or turning the page of a book. Theatre is, above all, a safe space in which we can explore dangerous ideas and challenging beliefs. Brisbane Arts Theatre’s 2018 mainhouse season will do exactly that and much more, with the notion of redemption lying at the core of each production.

The influence of the church, authorities and hate-filled peers in 'A Clockwork Orange' and 'The Crucible' combines with softer ideas of rebellion, expectations and prejudice in 'We Will Rock You', 'Emma' and 'Avenue Q'. Exploring the concept of coercive control further, 'Men At Arms' focuses a powerful magnifying glass on the impact of fear in today’s society.

Whether redemption is real or worthwhile is up to you to decide.

'A Clockwork Orange' explores an ultra-violent, disenfranchised youth culture, the concurrent clash with authority, and complete lack of compassion exhibited by the story’s main characters. First published as a book in 1962, author Anthony Burgess also created the theatrical adaptation in 1987. Brisbane Arts Theatre’s production of 'A Clockwork Orange' will include two separate casts; one all-male and one all-female, thus challenging us to consider gender in the notion of active violence.

At a time when mass hysteria is mirrored in an online world, 'The Crucible' may have even more to offer contemporary audiences than it did when originally published by Arthur Miller in 1953. Set in Salem, Massachusetts in a Puritan community, the story follows a group of young girls who develop fictional and mass hysteria in response to accusations of witchcraft. Lies follow lies, resulting in the complete breakdown of the tight-knit community.

For several generations, the legendary rock band, Queen, created the soundtracks for love, life, adventures, parties and celebration. 'We Will Rock You', one of the world’s most successful musicals, will be on stage at Brisbane Arts Theatre from May to August. There’ll be fat-bottomed girls, devils, queens and Bohemians all doing the fandango. Dress up and sing along. Be part of one of the greatest shows you’ll ever see!

Jane Austen’s 'Emma' is a play about the discovery of love, expectations of society, misguided manipulations and unrequited love. A classic piece of literature, the stage adaptation brings to life this eternal love story, as Emma learns that love, in fact, is love.

What Arts Theatre season would be complete without a Terry Pratchett play? You can be sure the minute the myriad Pratchett fans find out that 'Men At Arms' will be on stage, tickets will be booked, costumes will be fabricated and fervent conversation will be underway, discussing whether the restoration of the Ankh-Morpork monarchy will solve the social changes in the city.

After a year in hiding, Brisbane Arts Theatre’s lovable furry cast of 'Avenue Q' will be back to wrap up a magnificent year in politically incorrect, outrageous and hilarious style. Now in its fourth season, word is bound to get out, as audiences obsess over such catchy tunes as ‘If You Were Gay’, ‘The Internet Is for Porn’ and ‘Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist’. If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to 'Avenue Q', think again... the 2018 production will be very different; new set, new look and new levels of inappropriate behaviour!

Brisbane Arts Theatre's 2018 season kicks off with 'A Clockwork Orange' from 6 January-17 February.


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