Betty Grumble Saves The World Again At Sydney Fringe Festival

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Betty Grumble Saves The World Again At Sydney Fringe Festival Image © George Sandman Popov
The womanifesto is here.

Award-winning, head-spinning showgirl and Sydney Fringe ambassador Betty Grumble is bringing her flamboyant and debaucherous party to the HPG Festival Hub.

'Betty Grumble: Love & Anger (Or Sex Clown Saves The World AGAIN!)' is the follow-up to her first show, promising to be even more out there than ever.

Curious? So are we. The woman herself tells us more.

So… Who is Betty Grumble?
Betty Grumble is a wish. She is an Obscene Beauty Queen, Surreal Showgurl and Sex Clown. She is an ecosexual, a faerie at the bottom of the garden, a whirling rage-on and real good time 'yes sir'. She is fantasy and reality come together, she is comedy and horror, beauty and tragedy.

You performed last year as part of Adelaide's Fringe Festival. Has much changed since?
My first show 'Grumble: Sex Clown Saves The World' was performed last year in Adelaide and toured the world. Now I am back with the prequel, sequel or freak-quel - 'Betty Grumble: Love & Anger (Or Sex Clown Saves The World AGAIN!)'. It is a brand new show and it continues the orgy of excess and abandon that I began last year in the cabaret show format. Grumble has aimed to go deeper into her own sensation, erotics and expose herself at greater definition.

What have you learned over the last year and a bit?
Resilience and self-protection is something we have to work on each day. We have to be strong for those who need us. People get love energy, that renewable force for grooviness and humanity. We are the majority.

How are you saving the world in this show?
By saying that we want to. Utopia can be in the struggle. We guard ourselves against the individualist fatalism that the corporate landscape wants us to eat. Yuck! We don't want that anymore thank you! It's boring. We're ready for love now. Flower Power is still a real and active thing. Return to the Earth, to Gaia baby. Pleasure is a radical act. Love yourself and love abound.

Why do people keep coming back to see Betty Grumble?
Grumble promises a flesh riot. She is an honest exercise, I think people enjoy her lean into chaos. It's cathartic. It's a ceremony we can all participate in. Like the dance floor.

What are you looking forward to about being a part of Sydney Fringe?
Giving a big kiss to my very unique and resilient home town.

You're an ambassador for the event. How is this responsibility for you?
It is great to have a voice to celebrate and hold up other like-minded makers and lovers. Being an ambassador for Fringe means we are engaging with bodies that have carved out careers in non-traditional ways. The differences are beautiful.

What do you hope people leave your show thinking and feeling?

Describe 'Betty Grumble: Love & Anger (Or Sex Clown Saves the World AGAIN!)' in five words.

Betty Grumble plays the HPG Festival Hub from 14-16 September.


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