Arrr The Head First Acrobats At Woodford Yet?!

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Flipping, twisting and sword-fighting into Woodford Folk Festival this year is the Head First Acrobats.

Their show 'Arrr We There Yet?!' promises to blow audiences away with the impressive acrobatic stunts and hilarious comedic value.

Thomas Gorham, founder of Head First Acrobats, lets us in on some more about the show.

The show is described as a 'swashbuckling bonanza'… What gives 'Arrr We There Yet?!' this reputation?
Well, two things, it's a pirate show for one, so that's swashbuckling. And number two, is that it's packed full of awesome acrobatics and slapstick comedy, a bonanza of awesome in one show...

Where did the inspiration for 'Arrr We There Yet?!' come from?
To be honest we always wanted to make a 'walk the plank' act with a teeterboard (a giant circus see-saw you do flips on). Combine that with wanting to make a kids show and boom 'Arrr We There Yet?!'.

Arrr Woodford3

This show is for kids as much as it is for adults. What will older folks get out of it?
Adults can understand the sheer skill of circus much more than kids, that and there are a couple of jokes that the kids won't get ;)

How do the sailors turn ship-life upside down?
By standing on their heads? Of course.

Who in the Head First Acrobats crew would make the best ship captain, and why?
There are three of us in the Head First Acrobats crew, myself (Thomas Gorham) who plays the acrobat and pirate captain Slightly Redbeard. Then there is Cal, who plays Snotty Steve, originally it was Steve but he has had a cold nearly every season this year. Then there is also Rowan, he plays an unnamed helper character, who ends up being the most crazy captain of all. I think obviously I would make the best captain, I do the admin, I mean I'm doing this interview right?

You launched Head First after graduating from the National Institute of Circus Arts. Why do you think circus has become so big that you can actually go to places and study the art of it?
Two reasons. Number one is business. Circus is a big business now, and with any big business you need a measure of quality in your employees, a degree is one measure of competence for someone entering the industry. Then, there is the angle that we are predominantly a sedentary culture. High quality entertainment is at your fingertips 24/7, and we consume constantly. The thing about circus is that it is there in front of you, and it is real. It doesn't matter how many times you see circus-y things like flips on YouTube, its a totally different experience to see it in real life. It will never lose that magic, it seems that circus is only becoming more popular as the audiences become more exposed to people doing crazy stuff on the Internet.

Arrr Woodford2

Why do you think this show will fit in well at Woodford Folk Festival?
The show is loved by big and little kids, and adults and grandparents. It teaches the value of sharing, friendship and collaboration, which are all welcome concepts at a music festival. Plus, its got crazy tricks that make you go “woah!”. What's not to love?

Are you planning/adding on anything different for the Woodford crowd?
We always stick a bit of local material in the show, but I guess thats not “different”. But we do have some sick ideas for the circus vs hip hop showdown.

Give us a reason to see 'Arrr We There Yet?!' in the words of a pirate.
Yarrr, if yee like watchin' people spin upside down on each others heads, then ye are gonna love 'Arrr We There Yet?!'. The most fun ye and ya little kiddies will have this festival, or any other festival at that!

'Arrr We There Yet?!' plays as part of Woodford Folk Festival from 27 December-1 January.

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