Airlock: Hosting The End Of The World At Sydney Fringe

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'Airlock' 'Airlock'

Returning to the Sydney Fringe Festival this September is the dark comedy, 'Airlock: A Nihilistic Cabaret About The End Of The World'.

The story is set in a bunker, following the most rich and powerful people on earth, waiting for the world to end. An MC is awaiting the arrival of a few stragglers to the airlock before it's closed off permanently.  

The show was created and composed by Sydney theatre-maker and composer, Tim Hansen, mostly during last year's Same Sex Marriage postal vote.

“There’s three core ‘villains’ of the show, and they’re the embodiment of what I think are consistent archetypes the queer community has to battle against for acceptance,” Tim explains.

“There’s the hyper-conservative politician that wants to turn back the clock a few decades and make it all go away, the newspaper columnist obsessed with judging other people’s private lives and morality, and the internet troll who gets off on pissing other people off.”
The performance features eight original songs. 'Don't Be A Dick' was a finalist in the 2018 Vanda And Young Songwriting Competition; a national competition with over 4,000 entires and 40 finalists.

Featuring an array of Sydney and Melbourne creatives such as Fiona Pearson, Stephanie Grace, Will Hannagan, Raelene Isbester, Alon Ilsar, and Kate Leabeater, 'Airlock' offers audiences a performance about the current state of the world, with the absence of a happy ending.

'Airlock' plays 27-28 September at the Red Rattler Theatre.


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