Adelaide's Co-Opera Presents Workshops For Interested Performers

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Opera Singer Sidonie Henbest Opera Singer Sidonie Henbest

Have you ever considered brushing up on your performance skills, whether that be singing, acting, music or dancing? Co-Opera, Renewal SA and City of Port Adelaide Enfield are hosting free workshops to give you the motivation to work on your best performance qualities.

Here, creatives from the workshops give you five reasons to head along, as if you weren't already convinced.

Musician Linda Pirie

If you always wished you had learnt an instrument, or that your parents or teachers had encouraged you to keep going, then the Instrumental Workshop is for you. We will be exploring different styles and ways of making music in a hands-on way. Bring your instrument if you have one, or play the percussion instruments provided.

Actor & Director Nicholas Cannon

Acting is more than saying the lines. It’s also about why and how you say it. Our body is the tool we use to communicate: happy or sad, angry or funny. This practical workshop will involve a lot of moving around, finding our body awareness, and creating physical characters. You’ll even get to play with some Shakespearean texts and some fun improvised theatre games. No previous experience necessary: even if you're not going to be the next Brad Pitt, you’ll have fun and learn something about theatre techniques.

Opera Singer Sidonie Henbest

For many people opera is all about wobbly sounds and fancy music that’s hard to understand. But to me, Opera is about story telling at its biggest. Everyone can tell a story and everyone has a voice. For those looking to gain confidence in singing, come along and learn some useful tips and tricks for improving your sound and performing skills. There are no judges and no critics. This is about developing you and your innate abilities.

Dancer & Choreographer Carlie Angel

So you think you can’t dance? Get moving and I’ll help you tap into your own dance creativity and ability to move! Try contemporary dance, ballet, hip-hop or jazz in an interactive workshop environment, while you focus on coordination and become more aware of your body and rhythm.

All the creatives

Many people say to us that they wish they had the confidence to get up on stage and perform, and these workshops are about giving inspiration, encouragement and practical tips to take you to the next level. Everyone can be creative and express themselves, and these workshops are a great opportunity for you to come out and try – either something entirely new or expanding your skill base! We look forward to seeing you.

The Co-Opera Factory Workshops take place at Harts Mill from 26-29 April.

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