A Snapshot Of The Female Status At Cabaret In The Glen With Girls On Tap!

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Sally Hare presents 'Girls On Tap!' as part of Cabaret In The Glen: A tap-dancing spectacular filled with snapshots of female life.

“We are basically taking a look at the current state of female status in the world and we've decided it's not too crash hot so we're getting angry, we're calming down and we're figuring out a solution,” Sally says.

Sally is joined by Ashley, Shibby, Tash and Lyndall to tap the night away, but don't worry if an hour of straight up tap dancing doesn't exactly tickle your fancy.

“We understand that might be a little bit of an onslaught to the senses so we have other ways of exploring rhythm and song as well,” Sally assures.

As for presenting 'Girls On Tap!' as part of the first ever Cabaret In The Glen, you could say the show's presenter is familiar with Glen Street: “I grew up on Sydney's North Shore. As a young dancer I spent most of my childhood in the dance studio.

“I first performed [at Glen Street Theatre] probably at the age of nine or ten and since then I've performed there in my professional career and I love having the relationship with this theatre.”

A fun and engaging show on the surface, Sally hopes that as well as entertaining kids of a young age, the show will also resonate with older audience members and highlight some of the issues women face in contemporary society.

“There's a message about female empowerment that draws a really strong parallel to my life as a tap dancer, in Australia tap dancer identity is masculine. That's been my struggle throughout my entire career – I do this just as good as the guys, you just need to listen.”

'Girls On Tap!' plays Glen Street Theatre 22 October.


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