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A Night At The Musicals With Le Gateau Chocolat And Jonny Woo

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Born from a love of musical theatre, ‘A Night At The Musicals’ is an evening of unadulterated musical theatre nonsense that will rip some of your favourite musicals to shreds, while also reminding you how much you love them.

One-man musical phenomenon and star of ‘La Clique’ and ‘La Soiree’ Le Gateau Chocolat will be teaming up with UK Drag Icon Jonny Woo to perform ‘A Night At The Musicals’ around Australia in 2017.

Le Gateau Chocolat will be returning for the first time in seven years to perform ‘A Night At The Musicals’ with long time friend Jonny Woo.

“I first met Jonny in about 2004,” Le Gateau says. “I got introduced to him through a mutual friend and we’ve been friends ever since.”

‘A Night At The Musicals’ gives both Jonny and Le Gateau the chance to relive some of their favourite musicals through song and dance but to also deconstruct some of the weaker moments in musical theatre.

“I think what you might not expect is its not so much celebrating musical theatre, it’s actually kind of deconstructing how ridiculous it is. It’s all born from how much we love it and that’s how we did it: rightfully ripping it apart and ripping it to shreds,” Le Gateau explains.

“No musical is the same but one of our favourite musicals to destroy is 'Les Miserables'… It’s a musical that we all know and I dare say love, but it’s also a musical that is ridiculous in its operatic nature. But that’s why we love it.”

Some favourite musicals to expect in the show are: 'The Phantom Of The Opera', 'The Lion King', 'Les Miserables' and a few Disney musicals as well.
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“It’s kind of our love letter to all these musicals put with some wonderful and glorious costume changes. We do lots of duets but we do solos as well, and really nail some of the musicals that we love.”

Le Gateau is also working on a few other shows at the moment that are keeping him busy.

Between him and Jonny and all their solo projects, it was challenging for the pair to put together a feasible tour schedule that allowed them to visit Australia.

“I’ve got a kids show on at the moment called ‘Duckie’ which I’m launching,” Le Gateau says. “But I’m also working on another show called ‘Icons’ which I’ll be doing at the Soho Theatre… It’s a bit of a crazy schedule at the moment, right up until I fly to Australia.”

While Jonny and Le Gateau are in Australia they have absolutely no time to rest as they tour the show.

“We’re touring the show, which we’re very excited about, with no rest days at all… Jonny’s got a really successful bar in East London that will be turning two this Christmas, so we’ve got to get back to the bar otherwise we would stay for longer,” Le Gateau says.

"I dare say a lot has changed so I’m excited to come back.”

‘A Night At The Musicals’ Tour Dates

17-22 January – Arts Centre Melbourne
23-24 January – Slide Cabaret Lounge (Sydney)
25-29 January – Brisbane Powerhouse
31 January-6 February – Perth Cultural Centre


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