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A Curious Experiment With Theatrical Flair At Adelaide Fringe

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It's an interactive ghost story that has to be experienced to be believed, as you sit around a table blindfolded, with nothing but your imagination.

Coming to Adelaide Fringe in 2017 is 'The Curiosity Experiment': a mind-bending event that is sure to appeal to those who aren't afraid of the dark.

Crafted cleverly by Nathan Schulz Presents theatre company, 'The Curiosity Experiment' was born after Nathan presented 'Accomplice' by Ruper Holmes.

'Accomplice' was described as "more guessing game than thriller" and presented itself as somewhat of a Cluedo-type experience.

In 2016, Nathan took inspiration from this show for his own means. He wanted to tap into the minds of people, and force them to think and devise rather than just watch a performance.

"I wanted to go back to a time when people used their imagination. In this way, the audience gets to watch, listen, think and feel having all their senses engaged rather than merely being the observer in a detached way."

'The Curiosity Experiment' first met audiences at Brisbane's Anywhere Festival, before continuing to Melbourne Fringe with a sold-out season.

Now, the experience's next stop is Adelaide Fringe.

A little help is needed to get the 200-year-old gramophone to South Australia, as well as extra costs.

The Nathan Schulz Presents theatre company have set up this Pozible campaign to aid in making sure as many people get to witness 'The Curiosity Experiment' as possible.

'The Curiosity Experiment' plays The Boardroom as part of Adelaide Fringe from 2-7 March.


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