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5 Ways To Spend $50,000 With Max's Masters Theatre Company

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From award-winning playwright Robert Scott comes 'According To Rumour', the story of the aftermath of a night to remember... Or at least try to.

Carter Sutton is recently divorced. He wakes up from a huge night to find a huge unexplained stash of cash, unwanted visits from family members and law enforcement, and a challenge to figure out what went on the night before.

Here, Shannon and Bethany from Max's Masters (who are putting on the show) list five ways that they would spend $50,000 if they woke up to find it in their house.

Fund future productions

At Max’s Masters we dream of entering the competitive but wonderful world of movie and theatre production. With $50,000, we could enter the world with a bang. We could bring to life the story ideas that we have been sitting on for some time now.

Arts funding

We cannot express enough how important it is to keep the arts within the educational criteria. Any form of art can be a child’s gateway to their future and their happiness. Max’s Masters fully supports the need for the arts in an educational environment, and with the $50,000 we could continue to fund someone’s dream somewhere.


Here at Max’s Masters we want everyone to have a smile, but we know not everything can be sunshine and rainbows. With this in mind, we would love to have a world that is exactly that, nothing but fun and smiles. We would donate all the money to several charities, anything from mental illness such as Beyond Blue or human rights organisations such as Amnesty International. We are aware we cannot give money to all charities but we can definitely try our best to help so many that the world starts becoming a better place by each cent we send to them.

Recourse updates

As we are a beginning group, we are slowly collecting recourses over time, such as set pieces, actors, directors, audio and visual crew. We could use this money to broaden our resources allowing us to perform at the level that we so very desire.


We would go on the dream holiday we have wanted to do since the beginning of our relationship, we would go on a Harry Potter theme park crawl. We would travel around the world going to each Harry Potter World theme park and have a magically romantic time together.

'According To Rumour' plays The Bakehouse Theatre from 13-20 January.


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