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5 Ways To Alienate Friends, Create Enemies And Cheat At Life With Jden Redden

Published in Arts  
Do you believe in superpowers?

Jden Redden is returning to Adelaide Fringe after mind-boggling the festival's audiences last year.

He plans to show off his superhuman abilities such as telekinesis, psychokinesis, mind-reading and, of course, superhuman strength.

Don't sit too close to the front... There will be audience participation aplenty as Jden presents his new show in a modern setting, in the hopes of creating wonderful and unique miracles. Here, Jden lists five ways to alienate friends, create enemies, and cheat at life with magic.


Forever lying to everyone for a living.


Making your friends get sick of you reading their minds.


Not telling your magician friends how your best trick is done.


Forever answering, "Yes, I have seen 'Penn and Teller: Fool Us'".


Destroying people's realities, severely restricting their productivity for that day.

'Superhuman' plays The Bally at Gluttony from 7-19 March.


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