5 Tools Android Jones Reaches For On A Daily Basis

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Android Jones Android Jones

Colorado-born independent artist Android Jones will showcase his work as part of Earth Frequency Festival this year.

Android will be back for the first time since 2012, exhibiting art in the Luminarium Gallery, providing visuals on the main stage and delivering an artist talk in the Frequency Village.

Before all that goes down, Android has decided to list five tools he reaches for on a daily basis, when it comes to creating.


Cordless Impact Driver. It seems like I’m always taking something apart or putting something together. This helps resists the forces of entropy, or accelerates them.


2” Velcro Tape (3M) and gaffer tape. These are the cornerstone of how I systematically organise things. I put them on everything from cellphones to hard drives to power cords. I put them on everything that needs to move around, but that I don’t want to fall to the ground. Velcro tape and gaffer tape helps keep my life together.


10” Metal Scissors. Have to use this to cut the Velcro tape. So many things need cutting… Zip ties, paper, relationships…


Makita cordless blower. Life is messy. There’s so many things this is useful for: sawdust, dirt. This is the most efficient way to clean playa dust out of a speaker. It accelerates the burning of coals and disperses incense. It delivers a consistent feeling of satisfaction.


Charcoal. This tool has been a favorite of mankind since the beginning of tools. I use sticks of charcoal for drawing, making designs, and any concept or idea in my mind that I need to communicate. It’s the most efficient way of expressing internal consciousness into the material world.

Android Jones is part of Earth Frequency Festival, which is on at Ivory's Rock from 15-18 February.


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