5 Things You'll Go Through After Seeing Phoenix At Sydney Fringe

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As part of Sydney Fringe, award-winning mentalist and mind-reader Phoenix will be part of two shows: 'Psyche!' and 'Mind Games'.

At both shows you can expect comedy, mind-blowing hypnosis and twists and turns aplenty.

Without further ado, here are five stages you will most likely experience during and after attending Phoenix’s shows.


The usual approach most audience members have is that of disbelief. There is no way Phoenix could possibly be doing what he is doing… Is there?


Immediately after the disbelief stage is the over-belief stage, or 'disbelieving the denial' stage. Phoenix openly admits he isn’t psychic in any way. In fact, he urges you to think twice about those who say they are and demonstrates how someone who is absolutely not psychic, can appear look as though he is... Maybe he is and is hiding it, or perhaps he just doesn’t know that he is… Maybe…?

Who cares, it’s amazing!

By this stage the audience have been on a bit of a psychological ping pong game between what is possible or otherwise and have settled back with their bums firmly on the edge of their seats and their jaws on the floor. At this point no one is caring what’s real or not anymore, they’re just having WAY too much fun.

phoenix suit

Lying awake at night wondering 'HOW?!'

After the show, when you’re at home, and you’ve showered, pleased with the entertainment you’ve seen, and still thinking about the stunts, you turn in for the evening. You lay in your warm bed on these cool evenings and think about what you saw. 'It couldn’t be real – Could it? No. Definitely not… I think. Well some definitely was. I think most was, but some surely not.. But what about the part where……' etc. The duration of this occurrence varies between people. For some, it can go on for hours. It seems to ease a little for those who see both shows. 'Mind Games' distracts you slightly from the impossibility of 'Psyche!’ and leaves you feeling like you’ve earned your rest after an evening of side-splitting laughter. Of course, those who will get the best rest are those who were fortunate enough to volunteer. The gift of the command 'tonight when you get home and go to bed, you will experience the most peaceful and relaxing evening of sleep you’ve had in a long time. You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day before a fun-filled weekend!' will ensure just that.

The following day

If you were not a volunteer at 'Mind Games', then you will spend the next day telling all of your friends and colleagues about the shows. The stunts will be back at the forefront of your mind… And chances are, at dinner that evening, they’ll come up again. It will be at that point that you also remember this article.

'Mind Games' plays the Giant Dwarf 6-7 September and 'Psyche!' plays the Giant Dwarf from 6-9 September.


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