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5 Things To Check Out At The Melting Pot In Adelaide

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'The Melting Pot', presented by The Australian Creative Alliance, is a collaborative cabaret/cross-artform production that will entertain, move and wow audiences with a melting pot full of talent.

This array of talent includes dancers, actors, singers, models, singer/songwriters, musicians, and a few surprises, drawn together from over a dozen countries.

To get arts lovers keen to see what's on offer in 'The Melting Pot', Australian Creative Alliance partner Nick Buckland lists five things to check out during the production.

A Veritable Volley of Vocal Vivacity

Featuring local artists with awesome voices, superb reputations and enviable prospects, including Kat Jade, Naomi Crosby, Serena Martino-Williams, Lauren Greco, Kate Lewis and Aden Shukla.

A Stunning Selection of Stylish Sensuality

With superb demonstrations of deportment and dance performed by Fiona Smith, Robbie Potamianos, Georgina Lochert, Cassandra Glen, Amiok Wol, Noni Pandey and Nayana Bhatnagar.

An Awesome Array of Astonishing Acting

Drawing on the talents of such fine thespians as Mark Healy, Carol Lawton, Stella Badenoch, Malcolm Walton, Tess O'Flaherty, Kate Bonney, Laura Antoniazzi, Maddy Herd and Lani Gerbi.

An Enviable Embodiment of Emerging Entertainers

Including young rising stars such as Kiara Mercer, Billie-Rose Russell, Leah Lambert, Vanishree Chandra and Shanel Naidu

A Delightful Deluge of Diversity

With such all-round performers as Mason Somerville, Doug Phillips, Tim Bartel, Jacob Morris, Logan Watts and Blake Trenorden.

'The Melting Pot' takes place on 10 and 19 March at Lion Arts Centre.


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