5 Things The Girl Space Exhibition In Adelaide Celebrates

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Laura Gentgall Laura Gentgall
Girl Space is a place celebrating art and its makers. An all-female art collective inclusive to all young female artists showcasing their talents.

This Girl Space presents the work of Antonia Ditroia, Ban-She, Brianna Speight, Ellie Anderson, Indigo Cherry, Ria Roma Sharma and Sascha Tan. It will be an exhibition filled with female empowerment and inclusion.

Here, curator Laura Gentgall lists five things being celebrated at the exhibition.

Female Artists

Did you know that work by female artists only makes up 37 per cent of major permanent collections? By running small exhibitions that feature solely female artists, we are hoping to close that gap and create equality in the gender gap that exists in the arts. This exhibition is also part of the month long FRAN Festival – a city-wide festival celebrating female artists.

Local Artists

Discovering a new local artist that inspires you or whose work you love is an absolute treasure. Not only may you discover your new favourite artist, but you are supporting someone who lives in your community and more than likely makes art about the things you also care about. Yes, Adelaide is small and our arts scene may seem small compared to other places, but by supporting local artists and arts initiatives, you keep the artists in Adelaide where they can flourish and continue to contribute to our growing arts scene.

Girl Power

Not only do we celebrate female artists, but also the girls and women that surround them. Many of our artists have focused their lens (or paintbrush) on the women that support them and make up their immediate network and the celebration of how special and unique these female friendships are.


Girl Space aims to be an inclusive safe space for female artists – and the wider Adelaide community! While we unfortunately cannot include all artists in our exhibition, we are including others through special events – including a life drawing class, an all-female market and a few others! These events aim to include others who could not be part of the exhibition and even those who don’t make art, but instead just enjoy it.

Amazing Art

Needless to say, the artists involved in this exhibition are fantastic. With media ranging from photography to hyper-realistic painting to digital art, there’s a style for all art lovers. So when you come along to the Girl Space exhibition you’ll not only be supporting local female artists, but you’ll be seeing a tonne of wonderful, beautiful art.

Girl Space runs at The Mill from 8-22 September.


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