5 Things That Could Go Wrong During Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare

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'Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare' 'Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare' Image © Rah Petherbridge

Shakespeare is super serious. What would happen if you paired it with a genuinely inebriated actor?

This is probably something you've been wondering your whole life. Well... Wonder no more. 'Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare' is here to prove that you can put on a successful show when you're wasted – but that doesn't mean everything goes to plan.

So what could go wrong? No need to wonder about that either, the guys at 'Sh*t-Faced' list five possibilities.


Our chosen cast member is too drunk. This is a hugely interactive show and nothing makes it more so than putting the safety of the audience... In the hands of another audience member. One lucky punter in the front row, ideally the strongest, swiftest and bravest, will be given ‘The Bucket’. You guys are smart, you can work out what that’s for.


Our cast member is not drunk enough! Yes our cast member has been guzzling back the sauce for four hours prior to curtain up but, quite frankly we’ve been doing this a long time and we’re very good at Shakespeare. Thankfully, two lucky audience members will be handed some special instruments... They play, we drink (one use only!!) and there’s always the compere to apply more booze if needed.

Shit faced Shakespeare 1


The story goes awry. Everyone knows Romeo loves Juliet. Everyone knows (spoilers!) they die in the end. Everyone knows Hamlet holds a skull and goes mad. Everyone knows Macbeth see’s a floating dagger and then gets a bit 'stabby'... But what if our drunk actor doesn’t want to play ball? What the hell happens?


Physical injury to cast members. We have dances, we have sword fights, and we have drunken actors who love to rough and tumble... Our travel insurance was through the roof!


The sanctity of theatre is destroyed. This show is for everyone. Not just Shakespeare lovers, not even theatre lovers. If you want to sit quietly in your seat and gradually fall asleep in the dark... Do not come to our shows. This is raucous, boisterous, interactive and it’s exactly what Willy would have wanted.

'Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare' Tour Dates

15 February-17 March – The May Wirth at Gluttony (Adelaide Fringe)
19, 24 March – Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane Comedy Festival)
20-21 March – Street Theatre (Canberra Comedy Festival)
22-23 March – Paradise Showroom (Gold Coast, GC Laughs Festival)


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