5 Reasons Why New Zealand's Flag Is Better Than Australia's With Laser Kiwi

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Laser Kiwi Laser Kiwi

Laser Kiwi was born from the glorious faux flag known as 'Fire the Lazar' that appeared during the great New Zealand flag referendum.

As a result the trio have some opinions about flags.

Before they kick off their high-calibre circus performance at Adelaide Fringe, they've taken the time to list five reasons why New Zealand’s flag is better than the Australian flag.

Let's hear them out.


New Zealand’s flag is a slightly deeper hue of blue, reminiscent of a beautiful expanse of ocean.


The Australian flag has two extra stars and that is just greedy.


The stars on the Australian flag have six points which is not scientifically accurate, whereas the stars on the New Zealand Flag are exact representation of what you see in the night sky.


The New Zealand flag is associated with a better country.


Both have the Union Jack which is weird but New Zealand’s one is proportioned like a widescreen – which is more in touch with the times.

Laser Kiwi play Studio 7 at The Garden of Unearthly Delights from 19 February-17 March.


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