5 Reasons To Have 'The Talk' With Your Family According To Mish Grigor

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Mish Grigor, 'The Talk' Mish Grigor, 'The Talk'

What happens when you start talking about sex with your family?

'The Talk' is a terribly undomesticated evening and hilarious live twist on the family dinner. You are invited to become the artist’s family and re-enact real conversations about the taboos of sex, sexuality and love. Participatory theatre at its most explicit, unapologetic and best. Bring your mum. It's on during Fringe World at Perth Institute Of Contemporary Arts.

Creator Mish Grigor takes over from this point:
FYI – If you are reading this and you don’t know what ‘the talk’ is, stop now. You are probably too young to be discovering these things on your own and you should go back to reading 'Harry Potter' or feeding your Tamagotchi or whatever young people do these days.
If you’re wondering if I mean ‘The Talk’ when I say ‘The Talk’, the answer is yes.
So here at five reasons to have it...



You are a parent/carer and your children are grown adults, long finished university, who still live at home. They keep watching ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’. A lot. Consider the possibility that you skipped something when raising your perfect little spawn… You need to tell them about the birds and/or the bees, and quickly, if you ever want that nest to be empty.



You are a masochist who wants to make the next family ‘do’ really awkward. Here’s my guide: Wait till everyone is sitting around the table, after Aunty Pauline makes her yearly speech about the difficulty of getting gravy the right consistency (usually you’re on your third Chardy by now). Pop your iPhone on the table, look your Uncle Pete straight in the eye and and say enthusiastically, “Let’s all go around and tell the story of losing our virginity!”. If nothing else, it will help you avoid your cousin Harisyn’s new tattoo parade.



You are in the middle of ‘the act’ and you have a kink that involves narrating everything that is happening in minute biological detail. Try telling your family how that goes, and don’t let anybody ‘yuck’ your ‘yum’.



You would like to see your parents suffer. If your family unit feels too well-functioning, and you are feeling some despair/boredom about the well-adjusted hetero-normative white middle class utopia that you’ve been brought up in, you can always dismantle some of your family’s smugness/sense of self worth by pretending to be an adult baby. Simply wait for the next family joyous Skype check-in about cousin Temela’s gap year, stick your thumb in your mouth and say in your best toddler voice, “Muma, where to babies come fwom?”



You’re a medium-functioning adult human named Mish Grigor and you want to make a show about it. Hello Mish, I’m you, five years from now. I’m writing this article/list so that you will read it, go back in time, talk to your family about their sex lives, make a show about it, and tour the world. Trust me, you may not learn much but it will be one hell of an adventure.

'The Talk' runs from 18-25 January at PICA Performance Space.


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