5 Pirate-Themed Tunes With Emma Knights

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'The Pirates Of Penzance' 'The Pirates Of Penzance'

In recent years, Gilbert and Sullivan’s orphans, the 'Pirates Of Penzance', have found a secure home on the Torrens’ riverboat, The Popeye.

Having sold out during a run during the Adelaide Fringe, Emma Knights’ production of the comedic operetta is available for private bookings, as are a swag of other Floating Melodies productions.

The pirating life has been plundered by songwriters for centuries; Emma draws us a map that guides us to some hidden treasures with this genre. 

'With Cat-Like Tread!' ('The Pirates Of Penzance')

Well this one had to be included. I have been doing 'The Pirates Of Penzance' over five years now as part of Adelaide Fringe and this one never gets old or less rousing! Especially since we have some unexpected cast members joining in on our version on a boat! This version is tribute to Jon English. Gilbert and Sullivan were very clever wordsmiths and the humour is still entertaining people today.

'The Elegant Captain Hook' ('Peter Pan')

I think Captain Hook was my first introduction to Pirates although Smee was my favourite! Composed by Sammy Fain with lyrics by Sammy Cahn! There is just an unmistakable sound to this era of music that I love. Maybe it reminds me of my childhood!

'Jack Sparrow' (featuring Michael Bolton)

Now back to the good part! Um, I had to include this one. I love Michael Bolton and The Lonely Island and 'Pirates of The Caribbean'. Michael is right, it is a damn catchy hook!

'Woman' ('The Pirate Queen')

I am dying to stage this show as I believe it has some great tunes plus I love the Irish melodies. This song in particular is a wonderful look at women in the era and in the industry. The musical itself tells the tale of two incredible women of history. Whilst there are many parts that are very reminiscent to Boubil and Schoenberg’s most famous work – 'Les Misérables' – I like it just the same.

'Professional Pirate' ('Muppets: Treasure Island')

I also had to add something from the Muppets as the Muppets are awesome! I did only come to this song and movie later in life – despite enjoying all the other Muppet movies as a kid… Well, the original ones anyway! It is a fun retelling in true Muppet fashion!

Contact Emma Knights at her website for booking opportunities.


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