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5 Favourite Kids Tunes With A Comedy Cabaret Actor

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As beloved members of the Adelaide theatre community, David Salter and Rachel Rai have trod the boards and lightened hearts as leads in musical theatre shows such as 'Altar Boys' and 'Les Miserables' respectively.

Rachel, currently residing and performing in Melbourne, was the star and co-writer of the Adelaide Theatre Guide nominated cabaret 'Tears On My Pillow' while David starred in the Adelaide debut performance of Matthew Robinson’s 'Sing On Through To Tomorrow'.

Rachel and David will bring their riotous self-deprecating humour together at last for the Adelaide Comedy Cabaret Double Bill: 'Make Believe' and 'Manxious'.

‘Manxious’ received praise from Helpmann Award-winner Michael Griffiths after its debut run in the Melbourne Cabaret Festival, with him calling Rachel “a gifted comedian”. Meanwhile, in ‘Make Believe’, David saucily re-imagines childhood ditties for a late-night adult audience; you will never look at Bert and Ernie the same way again.

We get into the bubble bath with David and his rubber duckie to talk his favourite kids tunes.

1. 'Spaghetti Bolognese' - Peter Coombe

A local living legend, and any excuse to praise carbohydrates in song form.

2. 'All The Pretty Little Horses'

A beautiful and tragic American slave lullaby, check it out next time you need a damn good cry.

3. 'Silver Bells'

I love a good Christmas song - any time of the year. Haters back off.

4. 'When I Grow Up'.

Tim Minchin's 'Matilda' is one of the best plays for kids or grown ups you will ever see. This one gorgeously uplifting and heartbreaking all at the same time.

5. Theme from 'Thomas the Tank Engine'.

An oddly excellent choice to dance to on repeat in your bedroom after consuming a bottle of wine.

'Make Believe' and 'Manxious' perform at Holden Street Theatres from 1-3 December.


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