5 Artistic Inspirations With Visual Artist Leanne Heading

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South Australian visual artist Leanne Heading captures the essence and character of the city of Adelaide with vivid colours in works that blend spontaneity and control.

Her solo exhibition at Urban Cow Studio will showcase her watercolour renderings of iconic buildings, like the Haigh’s Chocolate beehive corner on the corner of King William Street and Rundle Mall.

While her hometown inspires Leanne, so too do the following five artists.     


A leader of his time, who left a legacy to the world. He was a maker of beautiful things, capturing colours of jewel greens, blues, violets and lilacs like nobody had seen. Monet talked about "rendering the feeling" when he painted, "of seeing the same light over everything". The result was to produce artworks of harmonious colour. My eyes were opened from this discovery.

Canaletto (1697-1768)

I wrote these thoughts in my journal after seeing his work at the National Art Gallery London: "Superb paintings, partly because of the colour and sense of light, but mostly because of the amazingly detailed, architectural illustrations”... Maybe the best I had ever seen!!!

Pro Hart

An amazing Australian artist. His use of earthy reds, jewel blues and gum tree greens create scenes of the Australian outback that are spectacular. His ability to tell stories through his paintings depicting life in Australian country towns is very moving.

Guido van Helten

The sheer scale of his artworks on regional silos, such as in Coonalpyn is incredible, but it is the detail and emotion portrayed, that is mind-blowing to me. The benefits of his work to small country towns in Australia is inspiring.

Rene Bouet-Willaumez

An outstanding fashion Illustrator for Vogue Magazine in the early 20th century. His pen and ink drawings were done with precision. His scenes were always rich in detail and glorious colours. Elegant and mysterious in their delivery, my emotions were stirred on discovering him.

The Art Originals exhibition runs 5-29 December at Urban Cow Studio.


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