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4 Things To See At Nepal Festival Adelaide

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The Non Resident Nepali Association is bringing the arts, culture and food of Nepal to Adelaide, with the Nepal Festival.

Programme coordinator Nabin Kandel lists four must-see things to experience during the event.


The festival starts with a Nepalese cultural parade where groups of people dress up in their cultural costumes. This parade starts from Hindmarsh Square and marches along the streets of Adelaide city. Volunteers are there to answers any questions from the public.


Nepal is a culturally diverse country and cultural dance Is a big part of it. Our festival will feature dance from our local Nepalese artists representing their culture. People can enjoy songs and beautiful costumes as well. Also, we have national artists coming from Nepal who will perform Nepalese music.


A big part of this festival is Nepalese food. People can enjoy different authentic Nepalese foods. There will be a few stalls where our professionally qualified cooks/chefs will be serving typical Nepalese dishes at the venue.


As part of our mission to promote tourism in Nepal, we will provide useful information about different aspects of tourism in Nepal. There will be a desk at the venue where members of the public can head down and chat with one of our friendly staff. We will also organise flyers and leaflets containing information about tourism.

Nepal Festival takes place on 25 March at Hindmarsh Square.


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