360 Allstars Urban Circus Are Bustin' The Moves

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360 Allstars Urban Circus Are Bustin' The Moves © Gene Peterson
World renowned athletes, dancers and musicians unite to perform a radical urban circus in '360 Allstars'.

Reinventing traditional circus, '360 Allstars' replaces acrobats with break dancers, substitutes a basketball freestyler in place of a juggler, swaps the unicyclist for a BMX flatlander, and sees a Roue Cyr artist put new meaning to the role of ring master. With artists from the UK, Europe, America, Australia and NZ, '360 Allstars' are a colourful allsorts collection with exciting and experimental expression.

Putting a tonne of awesome on stage, Gene Peterson (Australia multi-award winning master percussionist) notes that these are just a few of the crazy-cat stunts these talents can pull-off.

Urban Circus1© Geoff Squires

1: Basketballman spins 2 balls on one finger. Seriously.


2: Gene Peterson plays the drums and the keys at the same time. Enough said.

Urban-Circus3© David L Bostedor III

3: Rhys Miller executes a one footed cartwheel in his Roue Cyr wheel, a giant aluminium ring that he manoeuvres expertly.

Urban-Circus4© David L Bostedor III

4: Using just his voice, Sam Perry records layer upon layer of music live, perfectly in sync with AV projections that visually representation each of the musical phrases.

Urban-Circus5© David L Bostedor III

5: B-boy Leerok defies gravity with "air flares", a B-boy power-move that involves continually springing from one hand to the other in a circular motion, whilst rotating in the air between each hand touching the ground.

Urban-Circus6© David L Bostedor III

6: B-boy Leerok spins on his head. It's enough to make you dizzy with excitement!

Urban-Circus7© David L Bostedor III

7: Peter Sore performing the "hitch-hiker". Someone should really show this guy how to ride a bike properly!



Fri 20 - Sun 22 February - Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane)
Fri 21 - Sat 22 March - Illawarra Performing Arts Centre (Wollongong)
Wed 25 - Sat 28 March - Glen Street Theatre (Belrose)
Tue 14 - Wed 15 April - Laycock Street Theatre (Gosford)
Tue 16 June - Araluen Arts Centre (Alice Springs)
For more tour dates, click here


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