360 ALLSTARS Review @ Adelaide Fringe 2019

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360 ALLSTARS Review @ Adelaide Fringe 2019 Image © Matt Loncar

Urban circus production ‘360 ALLSTARS’ makes a triumphant return to the Adelaide Fringe with a show that redefines circus for a new generation.

Presented by Onyx Productions and featuring a talented cast of national and international performers who, between them, boast an impressive list of accolades ‘360 ALLSTARS’ is a fast-paced celebration of movement inspired by street culture. Featuring art forms such as breakdancing and BMX, ‘360 ALLSTARS’ is aimed primarily at young millennials, but you don’t need to be young to appreciate the incredible displays of speed and physical strength.

Over the course of one action-packed hour, performers tear up the stage; pushing their bodies to the limits in a series of acts set to a bass-rattling soundtrack of hip hop inspired music provided by Australian national drumming champion Gene Peterson and New Zealand 'X-Factor' winner Beau Monga. A loud infusion of beat boxing, rap and instrumental, the music perfectly complements the intensity of each performance, creating a palpable sense of excitement and energy which remained until the show's final moments.

Two-time world champion BMX Flatlander Peter Sore appeared to defy gravity in a series of routines which pushed his bike beyond the limits of possibility. A clear crowd favourite, each trick was met with thunderous applause and judging by the chatter from the wide-eyed pre-teens in the room there will be more than a few wannabe riders trying their luck in the coming weeks (so parents, it may pay to stock up on band-aids now). Champion break dancers B-Boy Leerok and B-Boy Sette riled up the crowd with their antics; while internationally-renowned basketball freestyler Bavo Delbeke proved he doesn’t need a court to show off his incredible skills.

360 Allstars 3 01 19 Matt L
Image © Matt Loncar

Australian-born World Record holder (and my personal favourite) Rowan Thomas shone on the Roue Cyr Wheel, delivering a stunning performance which is athletic yet graceful and I would have loved to see more of him on stage.

The men are natural entertainers, feeding off each other’s energy, throwing their hearts and souls into each routine and it’s easy to see why they are the kings of their respective fields. Their infectious enthusiasm spread into the crowd and the way they encouraged us to clap along to the music, scream and cheer meant that we (like the performers) never lost steam.

Individually, each routine was incredible to behold; however due to the overly technical nature of their art forms it can become visually overwhelming to watch when two or more performers share the stage (as there is so much going on all at once).

It’s not surprising this show garners five-star reviews wherever it goes and the incredible team deserve nothing less. Tickets for this show sell faster than a BMX rider can spin his wheels and if the sheer number of people at Sunday afternoon's performance (10 March) are any indication, then Onyx is in for another sell-out season. If you’re looking for a five-star experience which will captivate young and old, then ‘360 ALLSTARS’ is a must see.


360 ALLSTARS Tour Dates

Until 17 March – The Moa, Gluttony (Adelaide Fringe)

23 March – Darwin Entertainment Centre

25-26 March – Cardinia Cultural Centre (Victoria)

29 March – The Cube Wodonga (Victoria)

30 March – Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre (New South Wales)

2-3 April – Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre (New South Wales)

5 April – Griffith Regional Theatre (New South Wales)

8-9 April – Dubbo Regional Theatre & Convention Centre (New South Wales)

10 April – Orange Civic Theatre (New South Wales)

13-28 April – Sydney Opera House

1 May – Maning Entertainment Centre (New South Wales)

2-3 May – Sportz Central Coff's Harbour (New South Wales)


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