360 ALLSTARS Review @ Adelaide Fringe 2018

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360 ALLSTARS Review @ Adelaide Fringe 2018 Image © Matt Loncar

Last year at the Adelaide Fringe, we gave the '360 ALLSTARS' four stars for their family-friendly urban circus; this year they have added two new all-stars, Roman MC and B-boy Sette, and because of their impact, we have added an extra star to our review.

Onyx Productions’ '360 ALLSTARS' is a modern urban circus: high tops, not big tops; a place populated by inhabitants of the concrete jungle, not the African jungle.

Roman MC, as the host, brings old school hip hop vibes that are a befitting soundtrack to the breakdancing and BMX action; he is more Run-DMC than Kendrick Lamar. With his broad grin and charismatic family friendly persona, he has injected new flavour into an already tasty recipe.

He effortlessly weaves audience interaction into a freestyle rapping beat-the-clock segment, displaying a verbal prowess as impressive as the physical prowess of his co-stars. B-boy Sette, with his powerful fast-twitch muscle fibres, is a dynamic contrast to the agility and humour of B-Boy Leerok.

The moniker of 'ALLSTAR' isn’t given out lightly; it is more than just advertising puff. Each member of the team is either a world champion or at the very least highly renowned.

While the spectacle is entertaining to people of all ages, for the adolescent boys, it truly was their jam.

The playgrounds, basketball courts and skate parks of Adelaide will be filled with enthusiastic attempts of replication, but maybe not of the Roue Cyr routines; if your kids are able to get their hands on a seven-foot steel ring, you should really assess the strictness of your parenting.

If you missed out last year, now is an even better time to experience the spectacle that is the '360 ALLSTARS'.


'360 ALLSTARS' plays Grand Auditorium at Royal Croquet Club until 18 March.


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